Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Helped By Chiropractor In Wilmington NC

Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause pain, numbness and weakness by compressing the median nerve. This nerve travels through a narrow tunnel located in the wrist, where the pressure is often applied. In addition, the condition can also be caused by pressure on the median nerve anywhere from where it exits the spine to the carpal tunnel. Thus, the neck, shoulder, elbow and forearm may play a part in the symptoms. A Wilmington chiropractor can help.

There may be many reasons one develops CTS. Systemic disorders, including diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis are sometimes a cause. In addition, repetitive motion injuries from actions such as typing on a keyboard can cause the problem. Edema, or collection of fluid in the hands and wrist, due to pregnancy or injury can cause pressure on the nerve. Others suffer due to fractures or genetics.

Therapy for CTS is most effective if it is started as soon as symptoms are noticed. The longer the pressure rests against the nerve as it passes through the joint, the greater the chances of lifelong damage to the nerve. In some cases, permanent disability and pain are caused by this condition.

Chiropractors can provide gentle, yet effective manual therapy. These range from chiropractic adjustment to massage therapy. The doctor provides therapy for the affected joint, providing relief of the pressure on the nerve traveling down one’s arm to the hand.

Chiropractors may also recommend a device approved by the FDA to offer a drug-free, non-surgical option for this condition. Common types of devices include laser, pulsed red light, electrical stimulation and static magnetic field therapy. Such therapies are affordable and can often bring relief within two to four weeks.

Individuals suffering from CTS can often avoid surgery and the use of pain medication. A Wilmington chiropractor can provide therapy. The chiropractic doctor is trained to use technology and non-surgical techniques to eliminate the pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.


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