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Is physical pain hindering your overall quality of life? Do you have nutritional deficiencies or hormonal imbalances? Have you experienced muscle weakness, fatigue or insomnia?

If so, the expert team of Wilmington, NC chiropractors at Spine and Joint Institute of Wilmington may help.

In addition to using state-of-the-art chiropractic techniques and spinal decompression equipment to effectively alleviate patients’ pain, we also offer advanced testing and treatment for sufferers of fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy and thyroid problems.

Our Chiropractor Services Help Patients Enjoy Life

At Spine and Joint Institute of Wilmington, our primary chiropractic objective is to help our patients eliminate the things that interfere with their body’s natural, normal healing ability. Our seasoned staff of professional chiropractors in Wilmington, NC utilizes an extensive range of innovative techniques and methods to improve spinal function and, ultimately, improve the normalization of body mechanics. Our ultimate goal? To deliver effective pain management strategies that help our clients enjoy holistic wellness and an enhanced quality of life.

Our Wilmington, NC chiropractors focus on spinal adjustments using either a “Hands-On” approach or the Adjusting Instrument, as well as other effective techniques to reduce subluxation, which results in:

  • Increased range of motion
  • Reduced nerve irritability
  • Lessened muscle spasms
  • Fewer pain episodes
  • Enhanced physical function

Our Licensed Chiropractors Deliver Customized Patient Treatments

Here at Spine and Joint Institute of Wilmington, we recognize that every patient has a unique medical history and has come to us for a specific reason. That’s why we customize our treatment solutions based specifically on every client’s individual healthcare needs. New patients can expect a consultation with one of our doctors, an examination and x-rays if necessary, followed by a thorough explanation of your diagnosis and proposed treatment plan.

We also invite new patients to take advantage of our Back Pain Relief Coupon which includes:

  • FREE Consultation
  • FREE Back Pain Evaluation
  • FREE Explanation & Diagnosis
  • FREE Treatment Plan
  • FREE X-rays if needed
  • 3 FREE visits to try our treatments risk-free!

What About The Other Symptoms We Treat?

If you suffer from back or neck pain that cannot be alleviated through traditional chiropractic treatment, spinal decompression may be able to help by relieving the pressure that builds up on the discs and nerves.

Our doctors also have extensive experience with successfully treating sufferers of fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy and thyroid problems. Below are some of the common symptoms associated with each, but please keep in mind that it can be dangerous to self-diagnosis and patients should always receive a thorough examination and get a professional diagnosis.

If you have…

  • Back Pain
  • Bulging Disc
  • Neck Pain
  • Spine Problems

Learn more about our Spinal Decompression Treatment

If you have…

  • Numbness and tingling in your feet or hands, which may spread upward into your legs and arms
  • Burning pain
  • Sharp, jabbing or electric-like pain
  • Extreme sensitivity to touch
  • Lack of coordination
  • Muscle weakness
  • Bowel or bladder problems

Learn more about our Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

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If you’re ready for long term, sustainable pain management that can truly enhance your quality of life, Spine and Joint Institute of Wilmington can help. Learn more about our current promotion for back pain relief, or contact us today to connect directly with one of our Wilmington chiropractic professionals to schedule a consultation!